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People who are used to follow the fashion and provided always original, want to be unique in everything. Including in the regeneration of their homes. Each year, designers are coming up with a whole lot of new furniture elements, in order to meet the demand of the consumer. 
Today, I want to see on the tables unusual, striking originality, quality of workmanship and attractive external data. unusual coffee table in the living room It's hard to imagine a living room without upholstered furniture, and is located not far from her coffee table.
Sometimes he performs a decorative function, but in most cases it is still being used. He often serves as a venue for the tea ceremony, but in most cases it is used as intended - as a temporary repository for the newspapers, magazines, as well as a host of books read. Those who use it as a table, you should pay attention to the creation of the design studio «ehoeho». This is a very handy little table that will fit into almost any decor, and is especially suitable for ecological interior, because as a raw material for its production appears natural, harmless wood.

unusual coffee table in the living room, unusual table design

Table for creative personality unusual table design:

Table for creative personality This table will be a good solution for each adult, but it is especially good for children. Table from Thomas Kr├íl is made ​​of wood and would be similar to the most common table, if not multi-layered surfaces, made ​​of two layers of wood, between which there is a layer of aluminum. The aluminum part is somewhat more extreme and countertops of her bent, get a groove. In the case of rolling pencils, pens, and other accessories are in the groove and are easy to derive from it, while a fall from a simple table they roll out in different directions, and sometimes collect them can be very difficult. 

Table for creative personality, unusual table design

Folding decorative table Residents of small apartments:

Folding decorative table Residents of small apartments and houses often use a folding furniture in the home, by means of which at any time you can easily reclaim the room space. Folding furniture throughout is good, but apparently it's ironed in most cases, little attractive. Designer Robert Van Embriks has attended this problem and introduced the world to his interesting creation that has become a decorative folding table made ​​of wood. Here is how this table: 

Folding decorative table Residents of small apartments, unusual table design

Stylish table for home office to work at home:

Stylish table for your home office to work at home to buy a quality desktop. Very interesting solution offers Marco Zanuso Jr.. Frame of the table is made ​​of metal, MDF table top with glass insert. Through the use of metal and glass of the table is perfect for the modern interior design styles such as minimalism and high-tech. The table is available in several colors, so you can choose each of its interior is not only a style, and completely under the finish of his room space. 

Stylish table for your home office to work at home, unusual table design

The table that work standing, unusual table design:

The table that work standing famous designer Martin Keen presented his interesting creation - is a table where you need to work while standing, or rather in the position of the average between standing and sitting. Included with the table is a special chair that supports people at work. The table is also interesting in that allows you to adjust the slope of countertops, it can be completely leveled, which is handy when working on the computer, and can be tilted, which is good for writing or drawing creation. The position of the body, not standing or sitting, you can work pretty comfortable, but it is challenging enough muscle groups, which has a positive effect on the general condition of the person. 

The table that work standing, unusual table design
In the end i hope you like this unusual table designs and i want to remind you some of our albums and catalogs of unusual tables and furniture, so i advice this links for you, Unusual and creative tables designs , Modern coffee tables designs for interior living room and there are more of unusual table designs at our site International Decor you can find it by yourself. see you in the new post of International decorating ideas.

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