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In the modern and contemporary decorating ideas we can using one pieces of furniture in two different uses, i provide 7 pieces of furniture in two different roles, new ideas to using one furniture pieces in two uses and i suggest smart furniture pieces to using it two uses in your home

 smart furniture
smart furniture pieces two ways using and roles
How often do you look at the furniture, "a different angle" than it is accepted? For example, some objects can be arranged not only vertically, but also horizontally. What is usually placed alongside - alienate some distance. Console table - into a toilet or into the ground to sink in the bathroom, and a cart for the dining room - the room used for crafts ...

Organizing your home with the best storage furniture

All we have listed - not abstract reasoning, and real examples of using the same furniture for different purposes - as you both necessary and desirable. Imagine: furniture fills that role that you have identified her as a director of interior (and not just the one that conceived the manufacturer)!

Want to see examples of a change in the reference line of furniture that can be found in most stores (such as IKEA)? Meet our next release on the topic, and then look at other similar guidance, references at the end of the publication!

Transforming Furniture for small apartments 2015

a narrow high rack

model is similar to IKEA, called "expedition": Height 185, width 44, depth 39.

Option number 1 (for every room) it is placed vertically, great for storing small items in a small room.

Option number 2 (hallway, bedroom or nursery) put shelf horizontally, attach the wheels from the bottom, top decompose pillows - and now ready to settle for a hallway, in the compartments where you can place your shoes and baskets for details. In the bedroom or children's room can accommodate a bench by the window - you will get a convenient and compact sofa.

pair of lower shelf it 

to implement any of the two options need shelving height 70-75 cm (IKEA that model "Borgshe") only if the first - to 95 cm in height.

Option number 1 (for the living room or dining room) are located side by side, they can replace the traditional chest of drawers for jewelry hang the mirror above the shelves and a pair of wall sconces.

Option number 2 (for a home office or craft room): shelves, set at a distance from each other, will be the basis desktop with roomy compartments for storage. These finished products are found in stores is rare, and you have the opportunity to make this furniture with his own hands.

Thus, you need two rack height of 70-75 cm and a width of 50-80 cm (depending on what section dimensions are optimal for your work room) + worktop desired size (which may be wider than racks).

bright shelves

That - quite simply, the best fit shelves 5 ​​cm or more (from the cellular material), such as "LAK" from IKEA.

Option number 1 (for hallway or closet) to suspend the lower surface of the shelf hooks and rails - it will increase the storage space of 2 times.

Option number 2 (for a nursery or home office): put all the details in the boxes, and then to place them on the shelves, some shelves decorate the little things dear to his heart or toys.

Original racks and shelves in the interior

The console table

compact little thing with no small stories, but very comfortable and in our days. Typically used for the spacious hallways, dining rooms or walk-through areas in the house.
Option number 1 (the standard for a console table) where possible.

Option number 2 (console as the "Bureau"), set on the countertop shelving unit suitable size and add a chair.

Option number 3 (not shown here, but the solution - an interesting, console table as a toilet) reinforce the edge of the table top mirror or hang it over a table, shelf module - on request.

And like the reincarnation you can create a table with a laptop that looks like a console table. This is a replica on a romantic century, when the young lady had a table-desk. For example, in IKEA is a graceful model, "Isala" and "Leskvik", a width of 45-50 cm This furniture can be transformed in a console table in the hallway and dressing table.

Luxury console table for modern interior

a long wooden table

is quite possible, inherited from her grandmother - strong, with a wonderful texture and a touch of inspirational "stories."

Option number one (pictured) for a spacious wardrobe.

Option number 2 as the basis for a family of two basins.

Serving buffet trolley

may have to look for a similar model, but it is really to make with their own hands - from a compact cabinet, countertop and wheels.

Option number 1 (for the dining room and kitchen) can be attached to the door of the envelopes for the recipes or the board for records of cork inside - to keep the dishes.

Option number 2: excellent mobile solution for the room craftswomen, in some of the items can be stored in boxes.

high sideboard with drawers

It's likely you already occurred such an idea regarding the old buffet: it can be placed in another room.

Option number 1: buffet in their traditional role.

Option number 2, the same furniture moved into a spacious bathroom and now is used for storage of bath accessories and household products.

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